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Chapter 5. A Primer on Intellectual Prop... > Intellectual Property in Action - Pg. 131

131 Chapter 5. A Primer on Intellectual Property Intellectual Property in Action The mood at Double D is almost giddy. The port contract came through, which helped put asecurity deposit and first and last month's rent down on an ugly, windowless office outside oftown. The network is still being tweaked, but the hardware and software work, and the teamgets along as smoothly as ever. Dana has been project managing the port half-time, drafting and assembling the documents forthe pitch build, and trying to make sure the office is run like a real grown-up workplace. She'squite pleased with the fact that everyone has an employment agreement--containing an NDA,non-com- pete, and assignment of invention--and a handbook. She is vaguely aware of a missing component in their grown-up workplace: a system for protecting the intellectual property they create. Their HR attorney Robin put a confidentiality policyin the hand- book specifying measures like where and when to put confidentiality and copyrightnotices on work, and now Dana needs to figure out what else the company can do to protectitself.