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Chapter 3. Financing a Game Development Venture - Pg. 52

52 Chapter 3. Financing a Game Development Venture Financing in Action After a couple of weeks working on the prototype, Dusty and Alex report to the group thatmost of Defunct's ex-artists and developers are still unemployed and not relishing the thoughtof relocating. They suggest that some of these folks might be interested in working on the pitchmaterials for free in exchange for the possibility of a good job in Podunk should Double D getoff the ground. Dana, Pat, and Jean agree that this would be fantastic and would increaseDouble D's chances of getting work--since they would look like a company fully staffed by ateam that had shipped product--but it also raised some financial and HR issues that Danawould need to talk over with counsel. Meanwhile, the group started a time chart for its prototype and supporting documents thatlooked something like