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Chapter 2. First Steps - Pg. 12

12 Chapter 2. First Steps First Steps in Action Everyone had certain ideas about how not to run the company. Because Pat, Dusty, Jean, andAlex needed to be working full time on the prototype, and because Dana had the most experience dealing with publishers ("and human beings," added Pat), it was decided that she wouldbe the CEO and would be responsible for putting the company together around the team. The thorny topic of allocating company ownership and control came up. Everyone took turnssaying what he thought his main contribution to the new company would be, and what hethought was fair compensation for that contribution. Dana and Dusty had spoken privately earlier that day about company allocations. The two of them agreed that they could probably insiston a bigger share of the pie given the value of their contributions--Dana's publishing contactsand Dusty's technical fa- cility would generally fetch more on the job market than the art andgame design skills of Jean, Pat, and Alex. However, they both felt that they would prefer working in a cooperative environment where everyone felt equally valued, and would be willing torisk the consequences of having five equal