1 Chapter 1. 118 Things to Know About Running a Game Development Company In Action Defunct Software is a reputable game developer that has shipped six SKUs over the past threeyears, mostly on time and mostly well reviewed. Morale is generally high, and the fact thatDefunct is located in the geographically remote town of Podunk, Pacifica contributes to a collegial atmosphere. Their most recent game, LicensedGame, was intended to be a magnum opus.Spec extensions and work on what were, at the time, new platforms (PS2 and Xbox) led touncharacteristic production delays. Caught up in production fever, management of Defunctpoured company money in to cover the delays, reasoning that the game would be so great, itwould pay for itself in new contracts. After a death march to the finish line of its PS2/Xbox/PC release " LicensedGame, " DefunctSoftware