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Acknowledgments - Pg. v

v Acknowledgments I'd like to thank my chapter reviewers: Jim Eberz, Li Reilly, Myra Packman, Jeff Carton, Kirk Owen, Fred Fierst, Jeff Hilbert, Dave Meiselman, and Dave Steiner. A big thanks to all of the industry vets who agreed to let me interview them for this book: Glyn Anderson, Matt Bellows, Keith Boesky, Dave Christensen, Gordon Dawson, Mark DeLoura, Graeme Devine, Mr. Hart and the Yahoo Games team, Todd Hollenshead, Bob Hopkins, Rob Huebner, Jamie Leece, Ken Levine, Fred Malmberg Gene Mauro, Benoit De Maulmin and Alex Carré de Malberg, American McGee, Joe Minton, Tim Morten, Frank Pape, David Perry, Scott Pink, Ted Price, Mark Rein, Brian Reynolds, Dan Rogers, John Romero, Jason Rubin, Suzan Rude, Dan Scherlis, Kathy Schoback, Bernie Stolar, Jonathan Strause, Steve Wall, and Greg Zeschuk. To everyone who taught me how to be a lawyer: Lisa Rothblum, Fred Fierst, Jenny Bourbeau, Karen Collins, Anne Haynes, Jonathan Kane, Jeff Kinder, Diane Kleber, Janet Lussier, John Pucci, and the inimitable Margalee Riggan. To the RX family for all their encouragement.