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About the Author - Pg. vi

vi About the Author Ashley Salisbury is an attorney ( who has worked in the interactive enter- tainment industry since 1998. After graduating Harvard Law School, she worked in McKinsey & Co.'s organization design practice group before starting a consulting firm providing product devel- opment, business strategy, and legal services to broadband entertainment companies and clients including Intel, TBWA/Chiat Day,, and venture capital funds. She has produced multi- million-dollar software entertainment projects and lectured to film producers and television network programming executives on leveraging brands in digital media. Since 2000, her legal practice has focused almost exclusively on interactive entertainment and domestic and international intellectual property licensing for clients at home and abroad, working with companies such as Eurocom Developments, Irrational Games, Paradox Entertainment, Mirage Studios (administrators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property) and Shiny Entertainment while at Fierst & Pucci LLP. She holds an AB from Princeton University where she studied English literature and architectural theory. She can be reached at <>.