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118 Things to Know About Running a Game Development Company 8 #76 Constantly set your external producer's expectations. Most problems with external producers are the result of mismatched expectations. Easy example: If you're going to be late, or later, the consequences will be immeasurably better if you are honest with yourself and your producer (instead of deluding yourself that you'll catch up). #77 Corollary: Bad news probably shouldn't go from producer to external producer. It may make more sense and reduce miscommunication by having the CEO or executive producer communicate the news directly to the external producer's boss. #78 When your external producer changes more than once during a project, that may mean you should be communicating with his boss and having the boss review the milestones to ensure con- tinuity for your company. #79 It's important to expect things to go wrong during production because it's human nature to be optimistic and underbudget/underschedule. #80 Have one person, a good communicator, designated as the initial point of contact for all pub- lishing side personnel (production, sales and marketing, and others). #81 Have clear deliverables with objective standards (where possible). Be sure you and the pub- lisher know exactly what the deliverables are. #82 At this point, developers need to have at least a passing knowledge of all platforms.