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118 Things to Know About Running a Game Development Company 11 #112 External producers for wireless games may not be as seasoned as those you are used to. #113 Hardware testing used to be expensive, but the trend now is for carriers to subsidize the testing houses, bringing the cost down dramatically. #114 Expect the carriers to be very involved in the process. #115 Carriers worldwide are providing content providers with up to 80 percent of purchase revenue. It is unclear if this will be the profit split in the future. #116 The publisher's role in wireless gaming: 1. Provide development fees ($10K to 60K) against royalties and 2. provide an "in" with the carrier. Many carriers won't listen to pitches from independent developers because of high volume of submissions. #117 Standardization of technology is unlikely anytime soon. #118 The market for licensed product is still germinal, and prices have yet to settle.