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Chapter 8. Steps in the Planning Process > Examples of Common Distribution Chan...

Examples of Common Distribution Channels

Manufacturers and Middlemen: A Perfect Working Relationship

The perfect middleman:

  1. Has access to the market that the manufacturer wants to reach.

  2. Carries an adequate inventory of the manufacturer’s products and a satisfactory assortment of other products.

  3. Has an effective promotional program—advertising, personal selling, and product displays. Promotional demands placed on the manufacturer are in line with what the manufacturer intends to do.

  4. Provides services to customers—credit, delivery, installation, and product repair—and honors the product warranty conditions.

The perfect manufacturer:

  1. Provides a desirable assortment of products—well designed, properly priced, attractively packaged, and delivered on time and in adequate quantities.

  2. Builds product demand for these products by advertising their unique features and benefits.

  3. Furnishes promotional assistance to its middlemen.

  4. Provides managerial assistance for its middlemen.

  5. Honors product warranties and provides repair and installation service.

The perfect combination:

  1. Probably doesn’t exist.

Source: Adapted from Fundamentals of Marketing, 8th ed., William J.Stanton and Charles Futrell, New York: McGraw Hill, 1987, p. 380.



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