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Chapter 7. Marketing for the Real World > Using Professionals to Help You Marke... - Pg. 106

Marketing for the Real World 106 BNI colleagues over lunch or coffee, and this might add another hour per week.) That's not a lot of time, really--particularly when compared with the early years of my business, when marketing was a 20­30 hour per week commitment. The loss of a client, a project falling through, or other setback might bump up my marketing to 5­10 hours per week, but only for a brief period of time. Using Professionals to Help You Market Your Business Although you can do many of the low-budget marketing activities on your own, it also makes sense to hire someone else to help you in many instances. The most likely people you will want to speak to are a marketing strategist and/or a public relations specialist: · A marketing strategist looks at your overall marketing plan and recommends ways to improve it. She might suggest how to improve your current marketing efforts (such as making your current web presence more effective) or suggest a venue you aren't currently using (such as appearing at a special event). She might also suggest ways to bring more focus to your marketing approach and minimize a scattered, trial-and-error strategy. When considering a marketing strategist, look for someone with broad marketing experience and a knack for maintaining focus and organiza- tion. · A public relations specialist works with you to get you noticed by the media. This means sug- gesting story ideas involving you and your business to television, radio, and newspapers (also called "pitching" a story). When hiring a public relations specialist (or publicist), look for someone with key media ties. He might have actually worked for one or more media outlets. He can also usually help you craft a press release, and if hired, might insist on doing the writing himself (with your input) to achieve the desired result.