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Chapter 10. Stage five: Confirm > Consulting performance

Consulting performance

Of all the different measures that you will instigate, one of the most important is to confirm your personal effectiveness. For this you will need to gather some quite specific and detailed feedback from the client and consumer on your performance. Although the feedback can take many forms, one effective process is to gather it on three fronts: how the process was managed; the delivery of the task; and what feelings the client has about the project. As with the principle offered in other areas of this section, wherever possible the measures should be triangulated with data gleaned from as many interest groups as possible. The questions framed as part of the review will depend on the context and project but generic issues to be considered are covered in Table 10.1.

Table 10.1. Performance issues
  Self Client Consumer
  • Delivered what was promised - both explicitly and implicitly

  • Costs managed within budget

  • Expenses managed within budget

  • Able to respond to unforeseen changes in the project

  • Anticipated the needs of the client and consumers

  • Always kept others aware of progress

  • Meetings managed effectively

  • Flagged deviations as soon as they emerged

  • Ensured that the appropriate decision-making style was used throughout the engagement

  • Understood and positively used the network of stakeholders

  • Had confirmed that the project would be delivered

  • Felt able to talk about deep issues that were of concern

  • Able to adapt and blend in with the local culture

  • People believed in the competency to effect the change

  • Managed the needs and feelings of all stakeholders




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