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Element 40. Pretending Not to Know > Score Elevation Tactics - Pg. 127

E LEMENT 17 · M ANAGEMENT C OMPETENCE 127 Dr. Market's Observation: If you are the person with the idea, do not be too quick to abandon your post as CEO. If you can attract advisors around you there will be little substitute for the passion, com- mitment, staying power, confidence, and fearlessness you can bring to bear. This is particularly true if you can attract revenues now, up front. There is no reason why you must step down if you demonstrate that you can create and run your business from day one. Examples There are many examples of entrepreneurs who stayed the course into their company's growth and maturity. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Charley Ergen (EchoStar), and Larry Ellison are all trophy winners who didn't have many clues about what they were doing on the day before day one. The Coin-Operated Laundry-- Management Competence score: 4 According to our assumptions for this hypothetical example, you are alone and your idea requires a team. Let's assume you know the business. You are still not competent to cover all the bases simultaneously. The score at this moment in the enterprise's existence is a 4--this is a flunking score that you must strive to