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Here is where I would look for low-hanging fruit:

  1. Law firm (don’t be surprised if you need to go out of town because of lack of skill or conflict of interest).

  2. Executives of firms in your value chain.

  3. Customers.

  4. Resources (with exclusive deals?).

  5. Distribution (with exclusive deals?).

  6. Government support (particularly the city, state, and congressional delegations).

  7. Board of directors.

  8. Board of advisors.

  9. Friends and family.

  10. Friends of friends and family.

  11. High-profile persons whose replacement has just been announced—suddenly they are free molecules.

  12. Companies that are in Chapter 11. The trustee will be aggressive in helping you accumulate some extremely low-cost assets, including furniture, vehicles, and the like.

  13. Highly talented people who have been let go or who are “on the beach.” Location is probably irrelevant—they will chase your employment opportunity even if their first payday won’t be for several months.

  14. Companies or resources that have announced expansion into markets where you need to tap support—they could be just a bit hungry.

  15. Alums of your schools, especially high school, college or university.

  16. Board of trustees of your college or university.

  17. Military connections: of course my favorite is the not-so-secret society known as “ex-Marines.” SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets, Air Force Search andRescue, and the Coast Guard are also all spring-loaded to help you if you are an “alum.”



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