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Part VIII: Appendixes > JavaScript Keywords

JavaScript Keywords

Table B.2 presents the complete list of keywords used in JavaScript and JScript. These are words you should avoid using for variable and function names.

Table B.2. JavaScript and JScript Keywords
abs acos action activeElement
alert alinkColor all anchor
anchors appCodeName applets apply
appName appVersion arguments arity
asin atan atan2 availHeight
availLeft availTop availWidth back
bgColor big blink blur
bold border caller captureEvents
ceil charAt charCodeAt charset
children classes clear clearTimeout
close closed colorDepth complete
concat confirm contextual cookie
cos current defaultCharset defaultStatus
document domain E elementFromPoint
elements embeds encoding escape
eval exp expando fgColor
fixed floor focus fontcolor
fontsize forms forward frames
fromCharCode getDate getDay getFullYear
getHours getMilliseconds getMinutes getMonth
getSeconds getSelection getTime getTimesoneOffset
getUTCDate getUTCDay getUTCFullYear getUTCHours
getUTCMilliseconds getUTCMinutes getUTCMonth getUTCSeconds
getYear go hash height
history host hostname href
hspace ids images index
indexOf input italics isFinite
isNaN javaEnabled join language
lastIndexOf lastModified layers length
link linkColor links LN10
LN2 location log LOG10E
LOG2E lowsrc match max
MAX method mimeTypes min
MIN name name NaN
navigator NEGATIVE next Number
offscreenBuffering onAbort onBlur onChange
onClick onDblClick onDragDrop onError
onFocus onKeyDown onKeyPress onKeyUp
onLoad onMouseDown onMouseMove onMouseOut
onMouseOver onMouseUp onReset onResize
onSelect onSubmit onUnload open
opener parent parentWindow parse
parseFloat parseInt pathname PI
pixelDepth platform plugins pop
port POSITIVE pow preference
previous prompt protocol prototype
push random readyState referrer
releaseEvents reload replace reset
reverse round routeEvents savePreferences
screen search self setDate
setFullYear setHours setMilliseconds setMinutes
setMinutes setMonth setSeconds setTime
setTimeout setUTCDate setUTCFullYear setUTCHours
setUTCMilliseconds setUTCMonth setUTCSeconds setYear
shift sin slice slice
small sort splice split
sqrt SQRT2 SQRTI src
status strike String sub
submit substr substring sup
systemLanguage tags taint taintEnabled
tan target title toGMTString
toLocaleString toLowerCase top toSource
toString toUpperCase toUTCString unescape
unshift untaint url userAgent
userLanguage UTC valueOf vlinkColor
vspace width window write



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