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The by Example Series

There are two distinct advantages in learning JavaScript when it's done by Example. First, by completing the examples as you read through each chapter, the concepts are reinforced for you immediately, much more so than just reading about a technique.

Second, with the JavaScript examples that will be available for download from the Web, JavaScript 1.5 by Example gives you a great position on the cutting edge of Web development, all the while enabling you to practice your new skills on today's sites. How? As you work through the examples, you can edit them to suit your immediate needs, enabling you to have a working JavaScript-enabled Web site in no time.

Who Should Use This Book

This book teaches how to write and create JavaScript script to new JavaScript programmers, people who may have never even seen a JavaScript statement. The key concepts of the JavaScript scripting language are described, such as input and output, variables and data types, expressions, conditions, statements, functions, and objects. No experience with JavaScript is assumed (although knowledge of HTML is assumed), and everything is covered from the beginning, step by step, and by Example!

If you've never heard of JavaScript until this morning, or in the past have looked at examples longingly, wishing you could write JavaScript like that, then this is the book for you!

This Book's Organization

This text focuses on how to write correct JavaScript by teaching you all the techniques and skills you need. You'll start with simple examples and build on your knowledge and understanding, one example at a time, one concept at a time. You won't be rushed into creating a “super-example” in Chapter 1 or be introduced to script libraries for you to cut and paste into your Web pages. What you will find here is a solid grounding in JavaScript that will enable YOU to move on and use the language in the way that you want to!

JavaScript 1.5 by Example teaches you what you need to know about the language to be able to use it. As well as learning the actual ins and outs of the language, you'll learn tips and warnings, gain some ideas as to how you could put JavaScript to good use, and get to know a little of the history behind what has become the most important and exciting scripting language the Web has ever seen.

Not only is learning JavaScript rewarding in its own right, it also can serve as a springboard for you if you want to progress onto other computer languages, such as Java, C++, Perl, VB, C, and so on, because of the similarities between them all.

In this book, you will come across examples of how people are actually putting JavaScript to work on their Web sites. These examples will be fully documented, and you will have plenty of opportunities to hone your JavaScript skills by experimenting with and expanding on the examples presented in these chapters.

Please visit the by Example Web site for code examples or additional material associated with this book. They can be found at http://www.quecorp.com/series/by_example.

Conventions Used in This book

This book uses the following typeface conventions:

ItalicVariables in “pseudocode” examples and terms used the first time
BoldText the reader types in
Computer typeCommands, filenames, HTML tags, and JavaScript language, as well as URLs and addresses of Internet sites, newsgroups, and mailing lists

This icon tells you when a JavaScript example is about to be presented.

This signals what should appear on your screen after you create and run an example. Please note that minor variations might occur, depending on the browser you are running.


Notes provide additional information related to a particular topic.


Tips provide quick and helpful information to assist you along the way.

What's Next

The best place to start learning any computer language is at the beginning, so the first chapter takes you on a journey of the history of JavaScript. Along the way, you'll also find out what you need in the way of software to become a JavaScripter (don't worry—you won't need to buy anything!).

So, get ready to learn JavaScript—by Example!

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