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The window Object

The window object is the big cheese object in the browser object model, and it contains other objects, such as the document object, the location object, and others. The window object refers to the current browser window, and it’s got plenty of useful built-in methods, such as alert, which displays a new alert dialog box, and open, which opens a new browser window.

We’ve already seen the alert method in action, so here’s an example putting the open method to work—when the user clicks a button here, a new browser window will open; when the user clicks the other button, the new window will close:

(Listing 04-02.html on the web site)

        <TITLE>Opening and Closing a Window</TITLE> 
        <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> 
            var window1 
            function openWindow() 
                window1 = window.open("", "", "HEIGHT=200,WIDTH=400") 

            function closeWindow() 
            // --> 

        <H1>Opening and Closing a Window</H1> 
            <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="Open a window" 
            <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE="Close the window" 


You can see the results of this code in Figure 4.4, where I’ve opened a new window. We’ll see more on the open method in Chapter 8, “Using window and frame Methods and Events.”

Figure 4.4. Opening a new browser window.

The window.status object also gives you access to the browser’s status bar (which appears at the bottom of the browser), something that’s very popular with JavaScript programmers. Here’s an example—in this case, I’m displaying Hello! when the mouse rolls over a hyperlink, and Good Bye! when it leaves the hyperlink (the JavaScript functions called here must return a value of true, as we’ll see when we cover the window object in Chapter 7, “Using window and frame Properties,” and in Chapter 8, or the browser will just display the URL of the hyperlink—its default behavior, in this case):

(Listing 04-03.html on the web site)

        <TITLE>Using the Status Bar</TITLE> 
        <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> 
            function sayHello() { 
                window.status = "Hello!" 
                return true 
            function sayGoodBye() { 
                window.status = "Good Bye!" 
                return true 
            // --> 
        <H1>Using the Status Bar</H1> 
        <A HREF="http://www.starpowder.com" 
            onMouseOver="return sayHello()" 
            onMouseOut="return sayGoodBye()">Here's my site!</A><P> 


You can see the results of this code in Figure 4.5.

Figure 4.5. Using a browser’s status bar.

You’ll find the properties, methods, and events of the window object in Table 4.6. Not all properties, methods, and events will be supported in all browsers, of course. We’ll get the full story on browser version for each property, method, and event of the window object in Chapters 7 and 8.

Table 4.6. The Properties, Methods, and Events of the window Object
Properties Methods Events
appCore alert onactivate
clientInformation attachEvent onafterprint
clipboardData back onbeforedeactivate
closed blur onbeforeprint
Components captureEvents onbeforeunload
controllers clearInterval onblur
crypto clearTimeout oncontrolselect
defaultStatus close ondeactivate
dialogArguments confirm onerror
dialogHeight createPopup onfocus
dialogLeft detachEvent onhelp
dialogTop disableExternalCapture onload
dialogWidth enableExternalCapture onmove
directories execScript onmoveend
document find onmovestart
event fireEvent onresize
external focus onscroll
frameElement forward onunload
frames getComputedStyle 
history GetAttention 
innerHeight handleEvent 
innerWidth home 
length moveBy 
loading moveTo 
location navigate 
locationbar open 
menubar print 
name prompt 
navigator releaseEvents 
offscreenBuffering resizeBy 
opener resizeTo 
outerHeight routeEvent 
outerWidth scroll 
pageXOffset scrollBy 
pageYOffset scrollByLines 
parent scrollByPages 
personalbar scrollTo 
pkcs11 setActive 
prompter setCursor 
returnValue setInterval 
screen setTimeout 
screenLeft showHelp 
screenTop showModalDialog 
screenX showModelessDialog 
screenY sizeToContent 
scrollbars stop 

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