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Chapter 7. Client-Side Browser Syntax > Text.onChange - Pg. 773

Client-Side Browser Syntax document.myForm.counter.value = counter++; } // End hide ---> </script> </head> <body onLoad='comeBack()'> <form name="myForm"> <input type=TEXT value="First Box" name="myText1" onBlur='comeBack()'> <input type=TEXT value="Second Box" name="myText2"><br> <input type=TEXT size=2 value="" name="counter"> </form> </body> </html> 773 Text.onChange JavaScript1.0+, JScript1.0+ Nav2+, IE3+, Opera3+ Syntax onChange="command" Description The onChange event handler of an instance of a Text object is fired when the text in the box is modified. Care should be taken when using this event handler, because it is possible to get into an infinite loop when using other events or methods that are fired when focus is placed on or away from the text box.