The definitive source for professional JavaScript code.

  • 100+ task-oriented solutions—fully explained

  • Move beyond the basics—master forms, validation, and cookies

  • Manage hierarchical menus, regular expressions, XML, and Macromedia Flash integration

  • Master security, stylesheets, browsers, DHTML, and DOM programming

  • Real code for real clients... no "stupid JavaScript tricks"!

100+ real-world solutions fully explained.

Advanced JavaScript, Insights and Innovative Techniques provides an arsenal of powerful solutions to your most difficult Web development challenges. Dan Livingston dissects the code created by top JavaScript developers, revealing the tricks of the masters. From hierarchical menus to XML and Macromedia Flash integration, experience the cutting edge of JavaScript and discover the emerging techniques you need to solve real problems.

Advanced JavaScript, Insights and Innovative Techniques covers:

  • Hierarchical menus: arrays, main functions, and behaviors

  • FolderTree: complex hierarchical tree views of folders and documents

  • Using regular expressions to extract data and replace text

  • Using JavaScript to import and read XML

  • Calling JavaScript from Flash movies

  • Stylesheets, DHTML, and the Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Mouseovers: image replacement, rollover functions, preloading, submenus, and more

  • Dropdown menus, including navigation and altering menu content

  • Form elements: text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and text areas

  • Validating user data, credit card numbers, and other form input

  • Dynamic table configurations: from basic report making to advanced techniques

  • News scrollers, layer sliders, and other advanced applications

  • Cookies, list manipulation, communicating among frames, swapping image maps, and much more

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