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Chapter 12. The Sound of Games > Points to Remember

Points to Remember

  • Sound effects and music can make a good game extraordinary.

  • Sound effectively contributes to the environment and atmosphere of your game, and can guide the game player to feel a certain way.

  • You can compose or license songs specifically for your game.

  • Well-crafted and well-chosen sounds are not usually noticed; that is the mark of a good sound track. Sounds that stand out are often sounds that do not belong.

  • You can place a sound directly on a frame in the timeline, or you can attach and play a sound using ActionScript. Each of these techniques provides different advantages.

  • Keeping all of your sounds in one movie clip makes it easy to manage them and to add sound effects to your game whenever necessary.

  • A sound on/off toggle is a feature that users will appreciate.

  • You can change the volume of a sound in a game based on dynamic values, such as the speed of an object or the change in momentum of an object (during a collision).

  • With very little equipment (which you probably have already), you can make the majority of sound effects you need by yourself.

  • When recording digital sound, don't go over 0 dB.

  • Record more takes of a sound than you think are necessary, and keep them in the same file until you begin editing.

  • Consider beefing up real-world sounds in a creative or dramatic manner to help convey a stronger image of the event.

  • Try to match a sound's environment acoustic to the kind of environment or room in which the action is supposed to be taking place.

  • An audio loop is an economical means of creating a larger sound or musical idea from a smaller one.

  • Run your file against a checklist before you import it into Flash to make sure it's properly compressed, has the right specs, and is as seamless as you want it to be.



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