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Chapter 16. Pinball > Possible Game Enhancements

Possible Game Enhancements

There are so many possible additions to this game that it's hard to even find a starting place. Here are just a few things that can greatly improve it:

  • Resolve the edge-effect issue. That is, of course, easier said than done.

  • Develop a frame-independent rotating line-ball collision-detection routine for the flippers. This is another thing easier said than done, but it is possible and not as difficult as it might seem.

  • Add in the “order of events” aspect of the typical game of pinball that we did not attempt here. For a complete game you would definitely need to add that feature. (See “The Skinny on Pinball” early in this chapter for a discussion of the general procedures and characteristics of a full game of pinball, including the order of events.)

  • Add in other typical pinball gadgets such as sunken holes, two sets of flippers, and tiles that can be knocked over.

  • Tilt the game to a slight 3D perspective to give it the illusion of being more real. Most of the better computer pinball games are rendered that way.

  • Add in a ramp to a second level. The ball can travel up the ramp and then score points by hitting objects on the second level.

  • Find or make some crazy sounds. Just about anything goes in pinball, so you should not have much trouble finding some great sounds to add to this game.

  • Add lots of blinking lights and flashy animations to the table. In a game of pinball, the table is almost never static. There is always something blinking.

  • Add the ability to have more than one ball on the table at a time. This is another addition that would not be that difficult.



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