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Appendixes > projectile_motion.fla - Pg. 420

Other Games 420 invaders This directory, contributed by Paul Neave (, contains a well-written clone of Space Invaders. iso_maze.fla This is one of my successful simple experiments. In Chapter 9, "Artificial Intelligence," we discuss random maze generation. In this file we use the random-maze-generation algorithm but display it as an isometric maze. You can move a ball around through the maze. jigsaw.fla This was one of my first game attempts with Flash MX while it was still in beta. It is a simple-looking jigsaw-puzzle game that uses dynamic masking to randomly generate the shape of each puzzle- piece mask and also mask a movie clip. The great thing about this jigsaw puzzle is that it can even cut up an animation! Unfortunately, I would consider this a failed test; all of the pieces are generated properly, but the dynamic masking proves to be a huge performance hit. As a result, when dragging pieces around, you experience much visual lag. However, this works perfectly for puzzles with small numbers of pieces (under 20). matching.fla This is a simple memory game I created with Flash 5. The goal is to flip two matching cards. If you flip two that are not matching, they flip back over.