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Part III: Appendixes > ActionScript and Programming Web Sites

A.2. ActionScript and Programming Web Sites

ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide book site


The download center for all the samples in this book (the Code Depot), plus dozens of other common ActionScript examples. Also provides book updates, technotes, sample chapters, errata, and news. Maintained by the author.



The author's bookmarks. Lists hundreds of sites with technical information and design inspiration for Flash and web design in general.

Macromedia's Flash Support Center


A thriving collection of information for ActionScript and Flash. Contains the entire text of Macromedia's ActionScript Dictionary and a regularly updated database of technotes for Flash developers. Start your search for answers here. A trial version of the Flash authoring tool can be downloaded from: http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/trial.

Macromedia Exchange for Flash


A collection of professional-quality components, .fla project files, and ActionScript samples. Content is hosted and endorsed by Macromedia but codeveloped by the Flash community. Access to samples requires use of an installation utility called the Extension Manager, which is also available at the Exchange.

Flash Kit


Internet.com's Flash Kit is the largest third-party source of Flash help. The site has everything under the Flash sun: sample files, message boards, tutorials, news, feature articles, interviews, chat, gallery, and much more. Unfortunately, the incredible volume sometimes obscures worthwhile content. Of special interest to Flash programmers are the ActionScript sample .fla files available for download at http://www.flashkit.com/movies/Scripting.



A general portal for Flash developers, Ultrashock maintains a lively collection of ActionScript-centric .fla files and tutorials, as well as a well-trafficked developer forum.

We're Here


A large, active group of web-based message boards for discussing Flash and ActionScript. Also features articles, example .fla files, tutorials, and Flash news.

Flashcoders mailing list


Administered by Branden Hall, this active Flash developer's email list focuses specifically on intermediate to advanced ActionScript. It is a great place to learn practical techniques and have questions answered by peers, but it is not for general Flash questions or site checks. Archives are searchable and posted on a monthly basis. Check the archives for answers before posting questions.

Brandon Williams's and Ethan Kennedy's Flash Experiments


A large collection of advanced math-based ActionScript demos. Dozens of sample .fla files are available for study, covering 3D, fractals, and many visual physics effects. Includes in-depth articles on math-based programming in Flash.

Flash MX 3D component system


A series of 3D engine components for Flash Player 6. Written by Ben Chun, MIT alumnus and Macromedia engineer.

Flash API


An assortment of libraries for Flash development. Includes visual tools (such as skewing and spinning), object enhancements (such as sound pan control), and utilities (such as timers, loaders, easing equations, and distance calculators).



A community-based website for posting extensions to ActionScript's built-in classes (in other words, new methods and properties for things such as String, Array, and XML). There are hundreds of submissions, many of which are very useful.

The comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ


Describes mathematical solutions to a wide variety of graphics programming problems. Ranges from simpler topics (such as, "How do I find the distance from a point to a line?") to advanced 3D issues, normally outside the realm of ActionScript programming.

Archived Macromedia Flash Players


Download old versions of the Macromedia Flash Player for testing.

General game-programming resources

The following sites offer useful information for designing, planning, and programming games (these are non-ActionScript-specific sites):


Flash and Active Server Pages (ASP)

The following articles from ASP 101 provide a good introduction to integrating Flash with ASP to create a simple Flash form:


Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX (Comm Server)

The Comm Server API (e.g., Remote SharedObject, Camera, Microphone, NetConnection, and NetStream) is used to create multiuser web applications. Information about Comm Server's real-time data, video, and audio streaming for Flash can be found at:


Macromedia Flash Remoting MX (Flash Remoting)

Flash Remoting allows you to use Flash as a front end to remote web applications and web services, including those built with ColdFusion MX. For more information on Flash Remoting, see:




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