Drawing from ActionScript 250 This is pretty good. Let's finish this up by drawing orange lines from the green buttons to the control points--it'll be easier to see how the control points affect the curvature of the lines this way. Add this code to the bottom of the onEnterFrame function. // draw handles lineStyle(3, 0xEAA755, 100); moveTo(anchor1._x, anchor1. _y) lineTo(control1._x, control1. _y) moveTo(anchor2._x, anchor2. _y) lineTo(control2._x, control2. _y) moveTo(anchor3._x, anchor3. _y) lineTo(control3._x, control3. _y) moveTo(anchor4._x, anchor4. _y) lineTo(control4._x, control4._y) What we're doing is setting a new line style that's thinner and orange. We then move the drawing point to the first green button, and we draw a line from the green button to its control point. We do this for all four control points, and we end up with an image something like Figure 15-16.