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About the Author

About the Author

Author, speaker, and consultant Nancy Flynn is an internationally recognized expert in electronic and traditional business communications. The author of several books including Writing Effective E-Mail (Crisp Publications), The ePolicy Handbook, E-Mail Rules and The $100,000 Writer, Ms. Flynn is a popular keynote speaker and seminar leader for corporations, associations, and government entities. Recognized for her expertise, Ms. Flynn has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, USAtoday.com, National Public Radio, Woman’s Day, and other national and international media outlets. For more information, visit her Web site at www.WriteToBusiness.com.

Ms. Flynn is founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute, www.ePolicyInstitute.com, an organization devoted to helping employers reduce electronic liabilities, while helping employees enhance their e-mail writing and management skills. Through the ePolicy Institute Speakers’ Bureau, Ms. Flynn conducts e-mail writing, e-mail management, and e-policy seminars worldwide. Networking for Success workshops and keynote speeches based on the material presented in this book are available. Please contact Ms. Flynn for information:

Nancy Flynn

Author, Speaker, and Consultant

Executive Director, The ePolicy Institute

2300 Walhaven Court, Suite 200A

Columbus, OH 43220

Toll Free: 800-292-7332

Phone: 614-451-3200

Fax: 614-451-8726

E-mail: Nancy@WriteToBusiness.com


E-mail: Nancy@ePolicyInstitute.com


How to Use This Book

A Crisp Learning Fifty-Minute™ Book can be used in a variety of ways. Individual self-study is one of the most common. However, many organizations use Fifty-Minute books for pre-study before a classroom training session. Other organizations use the books as a part of a systemwide learning program—supported by video and other media based on the content in the books. Still others work with Crisp Learning to customize the material to meet their specific needs and reflect their culture. Regardless of how it is used, we hope you will join the more than 20 million satisfied learners worldwide who have completed a Fifty-Minute Book.

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