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Start Small

To speed your success, do one-month blitzes. Put together success teams of four or five members, and use these ideas to strengthen your relationships quickly. The next month, create new teams. Here are twelve ideas for success teams:

  1. Meet several times. Eat lunch or breakfast together.

  2. Give each team member ten of your business cards to hand out to potential clients or customers.

  3. Test each other to make sure each one of you can describe— accurately and vividly—exactly what your teammates have to offer.

  4. Visit each other's places of business.

  5. Ask each member of the team to describe his ideal customer (or an actual customer) in detail so that you know what type of customer each member of the team is looking for.

  6. Ask each team member to tell you about a current business or personal challenge and do everything in your power to assist him in coming up with a solution.

  7. Designate a spokesperson to share your team's experience with the rest of the members at a regular meeting of the referral group.

  8. Talk about where you might find or run across people to refer team members to. Keep the idea of referrals at the top of your mind.

  9. Ask each team member to tell stories about satisfied customers or clients. Why exactly were they so happy with the team member's product or service?

  10. Provide a special incentive for team members to try your product or service and to experience how good you are.

  11. Brainstorm with the other team members how else you might be able to help one another.

  12. Teach these activities to others in the referral group.



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