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Chapter 18. Plug In to Technology > Get Your Point Across—Efficiently

Get Your Point Across—Efficiently

Do you think logically and clearly? Do you write well? Do you speak succinctly? These skills have become more and more necessary as you communicate via today's information devices.

  1. What's people's number one complaint about the messages on their voice mail? Rambling. Know exactly what you're going to say. Write it down, if necessary. Put the most important issues up front. Limit the message to less than a minute. (You can speak about 150 words per minute.)

  2. When you leave a message on voice mail, begin and end your message with your phone number. Make it easy and efficient for the person to call you back immediately

  3. Use the subject line to deliver the entire message: Mtg. chgd to 9/16/02. All else same. EOM (end of message).

  4. Include all vital information in your e-mail on the first screen. For long documents, put the contents or an executive summary on the first page. If a message is more than three screens long, send it as an attachment.

  5. If you answer the questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? in your e-mail, you won't leave out essential information, like the time of a meeting. Check yourself using the five Ws.

  6. Think before formatting. Simplify. Use headlines and subheads in your e-mail to direct attention to key issues or actions: Action Requested, Person to Contact, Deadline, How To, or Next Step. Use bullets. Write in short paragraphs and insert a blank line after each paragraph for readability.

  7. When you reply, mention the topic. Don't send content-free replies, such as "Thanks" or "I agree!"

  8. Spell check before you send.

  9. Remember your ABCs. Before you send your message, check its accuracy, brevity, and clarity.



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