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Up Your Visibility

Use the communication vehicles to present yourself and make yourself known.

  1. Are all your contact numbers on your business card? Include your office address, phone number, 800 number, fax number, pager number, mobile phone number, e-mail address and Web site. You may also need to add your home e-mail. To squeeze all this on your card, you may have to print on the back or have a fold-over card. Please do make your contact numbers big enough to read!

  2. Create an e-mail address for yourself that reveals your name instantly. Don't use something inscrutable like lb3077x.com.

  3. Do you want people to go to your or your company's Web site? Insert a live link.

  4. The crafting of the message you have on your voice mail is as important as the design of your business card: Both should reflect your professionalism.

  5. Compose an e-mail that contains information from your business brochure. That way, you have a prewritten follow-up "form letter" with your company information that you can quickly send to people.

    Create an e-mail "brochure" that you can zap out when someone asks about your business.

  6. Use a signature line (it's like a letterhead) on your e-mail. It's automatically stamped at the bottom (or top) of every e-mail you send. If your email program doesn't have a way to make a SIG file, type the information in a text file on your computer and copy and paste it to every e-mail you send. Include everything that's on your business card—and more. Add a slogan that will help people remember you.

  7. Use a signature block to promote yourself in an acceptable way when you send a message in a list discussion group. Usually such groups frown on selling in any form.

  8. Any time you send your Web address or any Web address, type it with http:// . . . . Most programs will let the recipient click on the address and go there instantly.



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