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Chapter 18. Plug In to Technology > Know Your Technology

Know Your Technology

Act as if you know what you're doing. Yes, even read the software manual, if necessary.

  1. Don't double up on your communications. Don't send a letter, a fax, a voice mail, and an e-mail.

  2. The way your messages look may be lost when you send them through the Internet to people who are using a different e-mail program to read them.

  3. You can't use italics or bold in e-mail. You can use other characters, such as asterisks, to dress up a message.

  4. Limit your line length to sixty-five or seventy characters across, or some recipients may receive the message with text wrapped at the wrong places or not wrapped at all.

  5. Compose offline. If you are copying a document to your message area, save your document as a plain-text file, then copy it into the message area.

  6. To clear out an overcrowded address box, assign group names.

  7. Use filters and folders. Most e-mail programs let you route messages with identifiers, such as the name of the sender, to folders. You also can have messages automatically forwarded to an e-mail name in your address book.

  8. You can make e-mail from clients, for example, turn red in your inbox. You also can sort by any category, subject, sender, or date you wish.

  9. If you delay sending a message but don't change the date on it before you send it, your recipient may not see it, because it will hide back among already-read mail and won't be at the bottom of his inbox.

  10. When a sender of unsolicited e-mail offers to remove you from a list, don't fall for the ruse. Replying just confirms that your e-mail account is active.



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