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Chapter 18. Plug In to Technology > Know "E-Netiquette"

Know "E-Netiquette"

First and foremost, observe the protocols.

  1. When you leave a voice message, say your name distinctly. Take a tiny breath between your first and last names to separate them. Spell your name if people have trouble understanding it.

  2. When you leave a voice message in response to a voice message, let the person know when you'll be available to have a conversation, so that the phone tag won't continue.

  3. When you sign up with a list discussion group, look for a frequently asked questions file. It will contain the rules for that discussion group.

  4. E-mail programs allow you to attach sound, picture, and word files to e-mail messages or to insert them into messages. Be aware, however, that these files require extra download time and thus may irritate your recipient.

  5. Don't list dozens of names in the To or Cc box.

  6. Give each e-mail a specific subject. Don't just title it, "Message from Eleanor." That makes it hard for your recipient to find the specific e-mail in which you gave directions to the meeting.

  7. Use words in your subject line that signal the message's level of importance, for example, urgent.

  8. If you wouldn't stick a smiley face on a letter to this person, don't use emoticons (smileys).

  9. When you're out of the office, use an auto reply to respond to every incoming message.

  10. If your message doesn't require a reply, say so.

  11. Don't leave the full text of a long message on your reply.

  12. Copy as few people as possible. Don't automatically hit Reply to All.

  13. Check out your organization's e-mail policies. Such policies may cover legal and security matters, the number of messages that you may send each day, and the style and tone you should be using.



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