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Chapter 4. Move Through the Six Stages > Rate Your Relationships

Rate Your Relationships

Networking is a process of teaching and learning. Choose someone on your list of ten and use this quiz to figure out where you are with that person. When you hit a no, that will give you a clue as to what you want to be sure to tell—and ask—that person the next time you meet.

  1. Does this person recognize my name instantly when I call?

  2. Does this person know me well enough to recognize me out of context (at the store, in a new group)?

  3. Does this person know my face and my name well enough to come up to me in a crowd and introduce me accurately to others?

  4. Has this person found a reason to have my phone number or e-mail in her system?

  5. Does this person know the name of my company or organization?

  6. Can this person accurately describe what I do?

  7. Can this person give vivid examples of what I do?

  8. Does this person know that I am good at what I do, and can he cite reasons why my service, product, or skills are superior?

  9. Does this person know of some independent verification of my expertise, such as an award, a certification, or a third-party endorsement?

  10. Does this person regularly send me valuable information and respond to requests from me?

  11. Does this person know what kind of customers, clients, or job opportunities will appeal to me, and does she send them my way?

  12. Does this person always speak well of me to other people and pass my name around?

  13. Does this person regularly refer qualified customers, clients, or job opportunities to me?

  14. Does this person consistently create opportunities to stay in touch with me?

  15. Does this person treat the business, career, and life issues we talk about with confidentiality and caring?



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