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Chapter 17. Connect at Conventions > How to Go to a Convention

How to Go to a Convention

Is a convention on your calendar? If your how-to-succeed-in-business plan includes a conference, follow these ten tips to get the most out of the event.

  1. Before you go, show people at work the brochure and trade show exhibitor list. Ask your colleagues if there's anything you can do for them at the conference: Attend a particular session? Introduce yourself to a potential customer?

  2. Pack a cell phone. If you have to wait in line at a pay phone or go to your room to make calls, you lose valuable networking time.

  3. Use a laptop to take notes (quotes, announcements, insights, and statistics) and zap them back to colleagues via e-mail.

  4. If you are having a great conversation with someone in the hallway, skip a session. You can always buy the tape.

  5. Set goals. What questions do you want answered? Whom do you need to meet?

  6. Put together an impromptu discussion. As you meet people you want to know better, invite them to meet you at 6 P.M.in the lobby to go out to dinner.

  7. Be visible. When you ask a question, give your name, your company, and what you do. Introduce yourself to the speakers and tell them why you are interested in their topics. They may mention you from the podium.

  8. Avoid hanging out with people from your own company.

  9. Make appointments for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with people you want to know or know better.

  10. Be sure you are creating lots of reasons to follow up with people. Send them notes or e-mails. Stay in touch. Create that circle of contacts for your company and for your career.



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