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From Reflection to Action

From Reflection to Action

Reflection may not seem like the right approach for managers accustomed to taking action, but it actually is. It’s a useful tool and even an essential one if you want to be a well-rounded creative leader. The paradox managers learn as they grow accustomed to using reflective practices is that even though these processes seem time-consuming at the beginning, they actually enable the savvy and seasoned leader to make decisions more quickly. That leader is able to draw on intuition in making decisions and solving problems, which is a quicker strategy than analyzing. The time you put in on the front end to strengthen your confidence in your hunches and gut feelings is well worth the investment, and it will pay you back in time and in the quality of the decisions you make and how effectively you solve problems.

Questions for Reflection

  • If I were to draw a picture of this situation, what would it look like?

  • How will other people respond to my actions or decisions?

  • How do I feel about what is occurring?

  • If I am uncomfortable in this situation, what may be causing it?

  • Are my responses and actions in sync with my deepest values?

  • What unresolved issues from the past might be influencing my reactions?

  • What is important to me? What do I really care about? What matters the most?

  • What path feels right to me?

  • What’s the worst possible thing that could happen?

  • What are the real boundaries of this problem?

  • What boundaries may I be imagining?

  • What have I been overlooking?

  • How is this like something that happened to me long ago?

  • How can I apply what I’ve learned?

  • How is this different from the problems I usually encounter?

  • How can I detach myself from this problem?

  • How big is this problem in proportion to the rest of my life?

  • What surprises me about this problem?

  • In what way(s) am I responsible for this problem?

  • What would I be willing to sacrifice in order to solve this problem?



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