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Chapter 22. Key Points from Part 3 > Attitude and the Work Environment

Attitude and the Work Environment

  • A positive person makes the work more satisfying and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Supervisors depend upon the positive attitudes of others to establish and maintain a team spirit that is focused on efficiency, productivity, and quality. Positive attitudes at all organizational levels, and at every business location, make everyone’s job easier.

  • Some people have difficult personal lives. Where they work can be a place to find positive attitudes that can help them deal with their difficulties.

  • Many people have a mission that they pursue through their work performance, and the presence of positive attitudes affects their ability to accomplish that mission.

  • One negative attitude can affect everyone in the group.

    - A supervisor with a negative attitude puts a damper on every co-worker, and through other supervisors, he or she can affect an entire office, store, project, or company.

    - A small group (clique) of negative workers can split a department, office, or work group into opposing camps, and everyone loses.

    - People who work closely together can often overcome a negative attitude from one person in the group. But it takes positive attitudes all around–and it takes extra work and often cuts into performance.

  • Most supervisors value–and expect–a positive attitude from the people they work with.



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