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Chapter 15. Presenting Ideas Powerfully > Keys to Powerful Presentations

Keys to Powerful Presentations

To present your ideas powerfully, by either speaking or writing, remember these key points:

Be prepared. Being prepared means making the effort and time commitment for creating a good argument.

Have a clear idea of your position. If you are not sure of your position, why should anyone else be swayed to it?

Have a clear intention of precisely what you want to accomplish. Develop a clear goal for your presentation. What outcomes would you like to achieve?

Avoid ambiguities. When people hear confusing or vague evidence, you lose your connection with them.

Stick to your issue. The more complex the argument, the more difficult it is to stay focused on your issue. Remember to keep returning to your main point.

Know your audience. The more you understand your audience, the more you can pitch your ideas in their language and direct your pitch toward their areas of concern.

Present a balanced point of view. If you stridently push one perspective without discussing (and then challenging) opposing sides to the issue, you can polarize your audience against you.

Predict challenges and have prepared responses. Think ahead about how a listener or reader might try to shoot down your idea. Prepare and practice responses for dealing with these challenges.

Seek feedback from others. Bounce your ideas off a trusted colleague, if possible, to test your argument and refine your presentation.



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