Dr. Daniel A. Feldman, president of Leadership Performance Solutions, is a consulting psychologist who has worked with corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations for more than 20 years.

Dr. Feldman helps organizations improve their effectiveness through leadership development, change management, and team building and has designed and facilitated a wide variety of human-capital development programs. In his role as an executive coach and facilitator, Dr. Feldman has the ability to bring a depth of understanding to the essential skills for workplace success.

Coverage includes—

  • To explain the differences between critical and non-critical thinking

  • To teach strategies for improving the thinking necessary to make effective decisions at work

  • To help readers understand how to evaluate the validity of arguments

  • To describe the role that evidence plays in supporting strong arguments and explanations

  • To demonstrate how to formulate effective explanations with solid information and reasoned hypotheses

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"Critical Thinking: Strategies for Decision Making" - by AndreasHengst on 04-JUN-2012
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Online content is very concise but lacks depth. As a result the downloaded chapters are very short. Great content for ONLINE reading.
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