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Chapter 40. Limiting Interruptions > Assess Your Relationship-Building Skills

Assess Your Relationship-Building Skills

Rate the frequency with which you perform the following activities.

5 = always; 4 = most of the time; 3 = sometimes; 2 = rarely; 1 = never

__Attend work-related conferences when available

__Advise decision-makers of my interest in advancement

__Participate in meetings or other group activities

__Speak positively about my company to outside people

__Attend seminars, courses, speeches to expand skills

__Seek increased responsibilities such as serving on committees, project teams, etc.

__Belong to at least one work-related organization such as a trade association

__Go the extra mile to satisfy customers

__Make changes or suggest ways to improve work

__Maintain exemplary attendance records

__Work on aspects of my performance that need improvement

__If I have personal conflict, find ways to resolve it

Add up your responses and compare your score to the table below.

12 to 20: Very Low

Very low scores indicate you are not moving ahead. You may believe many of the career myths, including the one that people get ahead by just doing their work.

20 to 30: Low

Low scores suggest that you have developed career skills in some areas but not in others. Identify where you need to improve.

30 to 40: Medium

Medium scores imply that you are not overly fearful of reaching for success. Sharpen your career goals and continue to use self-promotion techniques.

40 to 50: High

High scores indicate self-confidence and ambition. You have excellent prognosis for success. You know what your goal is and how to reach it.

50 to 60: Very High

Very high scores suggest that you are probably already reaping career success.



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