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Chapter 7. Making the Most of Memory > Additional Strategies

Additional Strategies

If you need help, here are some additional memory improvement strategies:

Make sure you hear or see the new information correctly. If it doesn’t register with your senses or you get it wrong to start with, you cannot possibly retrieve or apply it correctly.

Pay attention. You remember what you focus on. Much of what happens around you is lost simply because you did not pay attention. This is the number one reason that people forget names.

Review. Think about, picture, repeat, write, or say new information within 15 seconds, if possible. Review again within 20 minutes. Mentally repeating what you want to remember signals the brain that this information is valuable. The more ways you review new information, the more likely you are to remember. This is especially true when trying to remember names.

Organize information. The better information is organized when you try to study, the easier it will be to remember. You can use a traditional outline to organize, or a mind map to show all the connections between bits of information.

Use your imagination and have fun. The mind remembers creative, interesting, ridiculous, colorful images best. If you can make vivid associations with boring information, that image will become your retrieval device.

Relax. It is harder to learn when you are stressed.



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