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Part 6. Deliver Your Presentation > Chapter 39. Involve the Participants - Pg. 62

62 Chapter 39. Involve the Participants Your role is to involve participants in an effective and constructive manner. Discussion accomplishes this and is considered to be a valuable teaching technique. Here are a few suggestions to follow: 1. 2. 3. Set the stage. Make sure your participants understand what is to be learned and explain the training method you plan to use. Let them know their involvement is encouraged. Be prepared to ask a variety of questions during discussion. Give credit where needed, tactfully clarify meaning, and suggest a review of what has been said. Ask questions of individuals to get them involved in the discussion. Draw points of view from all participants. Listen. The trainer's job is to draw out the thoughts and feelings of individuals in the group. Do not become emotionally involved in the discussion. Summarize the discussion (or ask trainees to do so). Clear up misconceptions. 4. 5.