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About this Book

About this Book

There is a growing trend to work from home whether full- or part-time. Reasons vary as:

  • Companies see alternative work places as an opportunity to reduce real estate costs and improve profitability.

  • Telecommuting (work for companies from home) has become a viable response to clean air legislation that mandates corporations reduce car commuting.

  • Corporate downsizing is forcing skilled professionals to look elsewhere, including consulting or entrepreneurism.

  • Employees are looking for creative ways to balance family and work, such as telecommuting.

  • Increased workloads often demand “home work.”

  • Job seekers in transition use their home as a base.

  • Adults returning to school study at home.

  • Individuals are honoring their preference to work from home.

  • The presence of affordable PCs (personal computers), increased computer literacy, and diverse office equipment allows the tools of business to be accessible to everyone in their home.

Working productively from home requires a different skill set than working at the structured corporate work place. This book will assist you in identifying personal strengths and weaknesses and to develop a plan unique to you. The objective is to help you maximize the potential of working from home to enhance your professional success and your personal lifestyle.

This book can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Self-assessment to assure working from home matches your work style and personality attributes.

  • To save time in getting started as a home-based worker.

  • Self-study guide for any home-based worker.

  • Prerequisite reading to make an effective case for approval to telecommute.

  • Self-study guide for “informal” telecommuters. For companies who have not formalized a telecommuting program, this book provides an inexpensive training alternative to improve the productivity of those who are telecommuting.

  • Prereading for formal training workshop for telecommuters.

  • Workbook for a seminar on “Working Productively from Home.”

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