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“The sound of change is growing louder.”

—Ivory Dorsey

National Speakers Association

Convention, 1994

Dear Reader:

Reading this book may be your first step in taking control of a painful time in your life, or in advising others whom you are in a position to help.

This book is designed for helping yourself and others to understand grief and do something about it. It is an interactive book, and I’m asking you in advance to do all of the exercises so you will get the most benefit from the reading selections.

We don’t always have much influence over the losses that life hands us. What we can control is how we respond to change, loss and grief. This book will provide you with a strong beginning to taking control of workplace grief.

Anyone who has grieved or has been concerned about the grief of others will never again see grief as weak or unnecessary. After reading this book, grief will never quite be the same for you or your co-workers.

You will be learning the following concepts and skills:

  • Why we are experiencing so much change in the workplace

  • How change in the workplace becomes loss and grief in the workplace

  • Why workplace attachments are the basis for employee loss and grief

  • The normal feelings, attitudes and behaviors of grief reaction

  • How grief reaction affects employee productivity

  • How employee grief moves through predictable stages and phases

  • The Four Tasks of mourning that must be accomplished in order to heal grief

  • How to help employees accomplish the Four Tasks

  • How to listen helpfully to grieving employees

  • Additional specific suggestions for helping grieving employees

  • How to recognize when an employee needs specialized help

  • How organizations can provide programs to help grieving employees

My best wishes.

J.Shep Jeffreys, Ed.D.

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