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Chapter 13. Motivational Issues > Understanding Motivational Issues

Understanding Motivational Issues

We would also like you to appreciate and be prepared to address the following motivational issues:

As a technical supervisor, you are a manager of performance.

And performance managers know how to define expectations and set goals, delegate, train, coach, counsel and appraise performance. These skills all enhance your motivational effectiveness.

Your efforts to motivate your own staff fit into the broader human resource management continuum.

Ideally, the supervisor and the organization integrate recruiting, selecting, managing, motivating and retaining employees. Talented technical professionals have high expectations; if you and your organization cannot meet their needs, others will.

A curious technical supervisor counterpoint is in progress.

At the same time an organization, or an entire industry, is seeking to empower individuals, build employee loyalty and productivity, and manage upward for commitment, a process of mergers, acquisitions and right-sizing may be under way. Realistically, you may be consciously working to motivate your people as they are facing the three “Ds”: downsizing, dismissal and dismantling.

Technical environments are complicated socio-technical systems.

The needs of people, their organization and technology are at times in conflict.

As a technical supervisor, you face constant challenges. Which of these can you identify with?

  • New technologies require a high degree of commitment and autonomy on the part of technical professionals. These may conflict with the bureaucratic techno-structure.

  • New and rapidly changing technologies disturb long-established boundaries between jobs and skills and between operation and maintenance.

  • New technologies and complex technical environments place a burden on the technical supervisor to establish a social system and motivational alternatives to fully implement the technology.



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