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Part III: Motivation: Creating Incentive... > Motivational Challenges Facing Techn...

Chapter 18. Motivational Challenges Facing Technical Supervisors

New technical supervisors have an extra challenge in motivating technical experts. Several obstacles are influenced by the broader organizational and technological environment. Still others become their own responsibility. Which do you find most difficult?

Overcoming Trouble Pockets

Technology-driven organizations experience rapid change and stress. Interestingly, both organizations and people regress to less effective behaviors when under stress. Gerald M.Weinberg’s excellent book Becoming a Technical Leader suggests that a simple, yet effective, way to characterize a person’s approach to leadership is by classifying his or her actions as motivational, organizational or innovative. In order for a leadership style to be effective, there must be balance among all three. Do you and your organization address these issues?

Creating a Positive Climate

Organizations tend to withhold positive feedback. A psychologist will quickly point out that “withholding engenders withholding.” As a technical supervisor, you can enhance the immediate motivational climate of your technical miniculture by telling people more often that they are doing well.

Finding Incentives for Your Technical Team

Technical supervisors should build teams. The efforts of individual technicians are channeled into complex technical projects that require team effort. Human resource management systems, however, have not quite caught up with this concept. Most systems still financially reward the technical achievements of individual contributors, and not the accomplishments of team effort.

Managing Change

“Margins of excellence,” “quality assurance” and “technical innovation” are all competitive characteristics of organizations that manage change effectively. The technical supervisor and his or her motivational skills are tested and stretched in this area.



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