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Part IV: Delegation: Learning to Let Go > Delegation Challenges Facing Technica...

Chapter 25. Delegation Challenges Facing Technical Supervisors

According to Earl Brooks, Professor of Administration at Cornell Graduate School of Business and Public Affairs, delegation is the process of establishing and maintaining effective working arrangements between a manager and the people who report to him or her. Delegation results when the performance of specified work is entrusted to another, and the results are mutually understood.

Determine with whom you can “let go.”

Are you currently doing more work than is necessary? (Because it is fun to do and you like to stay on top of your technology?) Or are there people available for you to delegate to? Perhaps it would be an opportunity for them to grow and develop and for you to learn new skills.

Select the appropriate strategy.

Are you actually delegating or simply assigning a task? It is important to quickly learn to use each strategy. There is a critical communication and motivation difference and you need to know which one is most useful to use in each situation.

Be sensitive to the needs of others.

How, what and why you delegate can be critical “success determinants.” Are you recognizing and addressing the unique expectations of your technical professionals? It is important to listen for both facts and feelings as you delegate to others.

Manage performance and monitor progress.

A variety of technically sound systems exist to implement. Effective technical supervisors learn the techniques necessary to get “extra-ordinary” performance from ordinary people. Quality work is not an accident.”



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