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Chapter 29. Challenge #4: Manage Perform... > Three Delegation Recommendations

Three Delegation Recommendations

  1. Delegate Those Things That You Know Best.

    While this recommendation may first sound silly, it actually makes sense the more you think about it. In fact, the people who study the characteristics of successful technical supervisors make several observations that support this statement. First, the technical supervisors who delegate what they know best can more effectively monitor the performance of the staff member. They quickly know what is being done correctly and what needs improvement.

    Second, one way to move ahead is to train someone to do your job. By delegating you share, instead of hoard, knowledge. And in our new learning society, this gives you a chance to learn new things.

  2. Approach Delegation As a Risk-Taking Behavior.

    There can be no doubt that each time you decide to delegate a specific task to a specific individual, you are taking a risk. Many times technical supervisors may find their organization encouraging frequency and depth in delegation on one hand, then taking harsh, punitive measures when the results are not perfect.

    You are in the best position to determine when, where and how to delegate. There will always be situational trade-offs between delegating an assignment to a less, experienced employee who may profit from mastering a new task, but take more time to do it, or giving it to that “proven pro” who can get it done quickly and effectively. Risks of quality, time and cost will all influence your choice. There are no magic answers.

  3. Identify the Level of Technical Knowledge Loss You Are Willing to Experience.

    You will have to make a choice at one or more points in your career about how much loss in technical knowledge you are willing to experience. A technical career path allows the expert to grow and develop as a technical leader. The management career path emphasizes management in and of technology. The better you become at managing technical experts and projects, fully using the best delegation skills, the more depth and breath of technical knowledge you will give up. Your decision should be free, complete and without remorse.



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