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Eq #34. Vision Spirit Killers > COACHING TIPS FOR COACH/TRAINER


Based on our research, employees identified five ''vision spirit killers'' that they believe contribute to low productivity and morale. These five vision spirit killers are:

  1. Incongruent Actions— When the boss does or says one thing and then turns around and does or reinforces the opposite, employees are quick to see the inconsistencies. High trust environments are built on consistent and congruent actions. Therefore, when actions and words are too often perceived as inconsistent, trust erodes. This erosion of trust dampers morale and creates negative emotion inconsistent with high productivity.

  2. No Action— As common as incongruent actions are leaders who state grand visions and then take little or no action to get there. ''This too shall pass'' becomes the war cry of the troops who have wearily traveled this road before. It is hard to take vision statements seriously when, so often, little or nothing follows. Leaders need to act on their vision, and they need to act in a reasonable amount of time.

  3. Overcomplicating the Vision— Sometimes leaders state visions that are so complicated we can barely read them, let alone remember them. If people can't remember the vision, chances are it isn't simple enough. Also, leaders in the middle must be careful to keep the vision simple. If you don't, no one is going to understand it and can't possibly carry it out.

  4. Lost in Detail— Some managers are so detail-oriented that they simply can't understand the idea of vision. Minutiae consume their attention and blur the ''big picture.'' They can't imagine there is a tomorrow they should be thinking about in a creative way. We are not suggesting that details are unimportant. They are very important. But they have to be connected to the big picture. The leader's job is to help everyone attend to the proper details, thus making the vision a reality.

  5. Sabotaging Vision— Some, often only a few, people in the organization know the vision and understand it but work in exactly the opposite direction. They deliberately sabotage the vision. Other people in the organization know who is sabotaging the vision, and they expect that the leadership does, as well. If nothing is done to stop these efforts, then those who are putting forth genuine effort think, ''What's the use?''



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