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Eq #28. Great Vision > RISK/DIFFICULTY - Pg. 83

83 Chapter #28. Great Vision EQ TARGET Self-Awareness and Control Empathy Social Expertness Personal Influence Mastery of Vision OBJECTIVES · To help participants develop an understanding of the qualities associated with great vision · To help participants determine or assess these qualities against their own strengths in this area · To help participants determine how vision affects their role as a leader. ESTIMATED TIME 50 minutes MATERIALS Emotional Intelligence Exercise #28 Biographical reading material of a great leader selected and admired by the participant. Suggestions are included in the resource listing at the end of the book. RISK/DIFFICULTY Low COACHING TIPS FOR THE COACH/TRAINER Vision serves two essential purposes for the leader. A clear vision helps the leader to stay motivated toward his work. The clearer the leader can see the mission, the better chance the leader has to achieve it. In addition, the leader with a clear vision is better equipped to interact with and inspire followers. It's just not OK for a leader to be wishy-washy about what he intends to accomplish. The term ''leader'' implies that you have a mission or a cause, and the vision is essential if the leader is to engage himself and his followers in a clear direction.