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Chapter 15. Using the Internet > Web Sites of Interest to Administrative Assist...

Web Sites of Interest to Administrative Assistants

The following is a list of Web sites that may be of special interest to administrative assistants:

  • 1—800—Flowers—www.1800flowers.com—An online florist

  • About Work—www.aboutwork.com—A Web site with information on job hunting and career advancement

  • All-In-One Search—www.allonesearch.com—A search engine for finding reference sources, quotes, and other language usage resources

  • Amazon.comwww.amazon.com—An online bookstore that is searchable by title, author, or topic

  • Ask An Expert—www.askanexpert.com—Specialized answers to questions ranging from business and industry to science and health

  • Barnes & Noble—www.barnesandnoble.com—An online bookstore that is searchable by title, author, or topic. There are also free online courses available from this Web site.

  • Better Business Bureau—www.bbb.org—A list of Better Business Bureau services

  • BusinessTown.comwww.businesstown.com—A Web site dedicated to business resources that includes sample letters and forms, travel information, accounting and finance, and office procedures

  • Career City—www.careercity.com—A listing of job postings

  • Career Mosaic—www.careermosiac.com—A listing of thousands of job postings, resume listings, and employer information

  • City Search—www.citysearch.com—A listing of entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and shopping for various U.S. cities

  • CNN—www.cnn.com—An online news resource

  • Cool Jobs—www.cooljobs.com—A listing of job postings

  • Cybershop.comwww.cybershop.com—An online shopping resource for corporate gifts

  • Dictionary—www.dictionary.com—An online dictionary and thesaurus

  • EDGAR Online—www.edgar—online.com—A repository of corporate filings by public companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Encarta—www.encarta.msn.com—An online encyclopedia

  • E—Trade—www.etrade.com—An online stock trading resource

  • Federal Express—www.fedex.com—An express shipping service for overnight letters, packages, and freight

  • Fodor's Restaurant Index—www.fodors.com/ri.cgi—A listing of restaurant reviews for various cities around the world

  • Foreign Language Translation—www.travlang.com/languages—A list of common phrases in various foreign languages

  • Hoaxes—www.kumite.com/myths—Information on Internet hoaxes

  • Idea Café—www.ideacafe.com—A collection of resources available for small businesses

  • Insurance—www.insuremarket.com—A Web site with information on various types of insurance products

  • Internal Revenue Service—www.irs.ustreas.gov—The IRS' Web site with downloadable tax forms and tax information

  • Learn2.comwww.learn2.com—An extensive resource of online courses on many different subjects

  • Legal Issues—www.findlaw.com—A directory of legal resources, law firm listings, and legal news

  • Maps—www.mapquest.com—An online map that can provide driving directions between any two streets in the United States

  • Monster—www.monster.com—A listing of job postings

  • National Fraud Information Center—www.fraud.org—Information on common scams

  • New York Times—www.nytimes.com—An online newspaper

  • Office Depot—www.officedepot.com—An online office supply store

  • Office Max—www.officemax.com—An online office supply store

  • Organizer—www.eorganizer.com—A service that helps you remember important dates, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and meetings

  • People Search—www.infospace.com—A search engine that finds telephone numbers, addresses, and e-mail address of people nationwide

  • Priceline.comwww.priceline.com—A resource for purchasing air travel, hotels, and car rentals at reduced prices

  • Real Estate—www.bankrate.com—A listing of mortgage rates across the country

  • Small Business Administration—www.sbaonline.sba.gov—A listing of resources available for starting, financing, and running a small business

  • Small Office—www.smalloffice.com—A collection of resources available for small businesses

  • Staples—www.staples.com—An online office supply store

  • The American Management Association—www.amanet.org—Resources and training information for administrative assistants and their managers

  • Travel—www.expedia.com—An online travel agency for booking airline flights, hotels, and car rentals

  • Travelocity—www.travelocity.com—An extensive travel guide for booking air travel, hotels, and car rentals anywhere in the world

  • U.S. Census Bureau—www.census.gov—A Web site with statistical listings for individuals and businesses

  • U.S. Federal Government—www.fedworld.gov—A resource listing U.S. Federal Government publications, agencies, tax information, and jobs

  • United Parcel Service—www.ups.com—A shipping service for packages

  • USA Today—www.usatoday.com—An online newspaper

  • Wall Street Journal—www.wsj.com—An online newspaper

  • Weather.comwww.weather.com—An online weather report for anywhere in the world

  • Web MD—www.webmd.com—A Web site with an extensive library of health-related information

  • Women's Issues—www.femina.com—A listing of information for women

  • Yahoo! Metros—www.yahoo.com/promotions/metros—A city guide with links to resources for various U.S. cities

  • Zip Codes—www.usps.gov/ncsc—Locate zip codes by typing in an address and a city



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