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Chapter 5. Travel Arrangements > Before-the-Trip-Checklist


Before leaving on a trip, you should confirm the following:

  • Airline tickets and frequent flyer number

  • Lodging information and confirmation number

  • Car rental information and confirmation number

  • Money or travelers' checks

  • Passport, visa, driver's license, or international driving permit'

  • Itinerary

  • Destination contact names, addresses, and phone numbers

    Figure 5-1. Sample itinerary
    Philip Smith
    Monday, June 1 (Dallas to New York)
    8:00 AMLeave Dallas residence by limousine for airport. (Limousine reservation attached.)
    9:00 AMLeave DFW Airport on American Airlines Flight 122, Seat 1B. Includes lunch. (Ticket attached.)
    12:40 AMArrive New York, JFK Airport. Limousine to Americana Hotel. (Limousine reservation attached.)
    2:30 PMDon Daley, President of Bryant Industries, will provide car for trip to his office, Empire State Building, 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, Suite 1000. (Bryant Industries file in briefcase.)
    Tuesday, June 2
    9:00 AMAppointment with Henderson, Smith & Jackson, Empire State Building, Suite 8000.
    10:30 AMAppointment with Mary Louise Henderson. (Henderson, Smith & Jackson file in briefcase.)
    2:00 PMAppointment with August Terrell, your hotel; meet in lobby. (Terrell Corporation file in briefcase.)
    7:00 PMDinner, Don Daley's home. (5203 Legendary Lane, New York; Telephone 212-555-6120.)
    Wednesday, June 3
    7:45 AMLeave hotel by limousine for airport. (Reservation attached.)
    9:45 AMLeave JFK Airport on American Airlines Flight 292, Seat 12A.Includes breakfast. (Ticket attached.)
    11:05 AMArrive Dallas. Limousine to office. (Limousine reservation attached.)

  • Meeting agendas

  • Speeches, reports, and presentations

  • Computer and modem



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