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Word List

abject (ab' jekt)accidentally (ak si den' tal e)
absolutely (ab' so lute lee)acclimate (a kly' mut)**
abstemious (ab stee' mee us)address (a dress'; both noun and verb)**
absurd (ab serd') 
accede (ak seed')admirable (ad' ma ra bl)**
accept (ak sept')adult (a dult'; NOT add' ult)
accession (ak sesh' un)aerial (air' ree al)
accessories (ak sess' o reez)ally (verb: al ly'—noun: al' ly)
applicable (ap' pli ka bl)**divide (di vyd')
architect (ar' ki tekt)doing (doo' ing; pronounce the g)
arctic (ark' tik)drowned (drownd; one syllable, NOT drownded)
Area (air' ee a) 
attacked (a takt')duly (dyu' lee)
attitude (at' i tyud)duty (dyu' tee)
attorney (a ter' nee)**edition (eh dish' un)
autopsy (aw' top see)**educate (edd' yu kate)
avenue (av' a nyu)elm (as written; NOT elum)
aviation (ay vi ay' shun)envelop (verb: en vell' up)
battery (bat' er e; NOT bat' tree)envelope (noun: en' va lowp)
being (pronounce the g)epitome (ee pitt' o mee)
beneficent (be neff' i sent)equitable (ek' wi ta bl)**
bicycle (by' sik l)era (ihr' a)
biography (by og' ra fee)err (urr; rhymes with fur)**
breadth (bredth; pronounce the d)etiquette (ett' i kett)
casualty (cazh' ul tee)every (ev' a ree)
champion (cham' pee un)exigency (eks' i jen see)
chastisement (chass tyze' ment)exponent (eks po' nent)
chauffeur (show' ferr)**exquisite (eks' kwi zit)**
chestnut (chess' nut)extant (eks' tent)
chocolate (chock' o lut)extraordinary (eks tror' di ner ee)
clique (klik)**fact (pronounce the t)
comment (com' ment)family (fam' a lee)
compromise (com' pro myze)fasten (fass' en)
concave (con cayv')favorite (fay' vo ritt)
concentrate (con' sen trayt)figure (fig' yur)
concierge (con se erzh')**film (as written; NOT fill um)
condolence (con doe' lens)finance (verb: fi nans')**
conversant (con ver' sunt)**finance (noun: fi' nans)
convex (con vex')financial (fin nan' shul)
corps (kor)financier (fin nan seer')
creek (kreek; NOT krik)forehead (for' id)
cruel (kroo' el)forte (for' tay)
Data (day' tah)**formidable (for' mi da bl)**
Deaf (def)fragmentary (frag' men ter ee)
decade (deck' ayd)friendship (frend' ship; pronounce the d)
decisive (dee sy' siv) 
defect (de fekt)genuine (jenn' yu inn)
deficit (def' i sit)gingham (ghing' um)
demonstrable (de mon' stra bl)glisten (gliss' en)
depot (dee' po)gondola (gonn' do la)
depths (pronounce the th)government (guv' ern ment; pronounce both n's)
dessert (de zert') 
detour (dee' toor)grievous (gree' vuss)
diamond (dy' a mund)**guardian (gar' dee un)
distribute (dis trib' yute)hasten (hayss' en)
height (hyt; does NOT end in th)oblique (o bleek')
heinous (hay' nuss)**office (off' fiss; NOT aw' fuss)
herculean (herk yu lee' un)often (off' en)
heroism (her' o izm)on (as written; NOT awn)
homeopathy (ho mee opp' a thee)ordeal (or deel')
horizon (ho ryz' un)osteopath (oss' tee o path)
hostile (hoss' til)**osteopathy (oss tee opp' a thee)
hundred (as written; NOT hunnerd)overalls (as written; NOT over halls)
Idea (eye dee' a)parade (pa rayd'; NOT prayd)
ignoramus (ig no ray' muss)partner (as written; NOT pard' ner)
immediate (im mee' dee ut)patron (pay' trun)
impious (im' pee uss)pecan (pe kon')
incognito (in cog nee' toe)pecuniary (pee kyu' nee er ee)**
incomparable (in com' pa ra bl)peremptory (per emp' te ree)
indictment (in dyt' ment)piano (pee an' o)
industry (in' dus tree)**picture (pik' tyur)
inexorable (in eks' o ra bl)pique (peek)
inexplicable (in eks' pli ka bl)plumber (plum' er)
infamous (in' fa muss)positively (poz' it tiv lee)
inquiry (in kwy' ree)**possess (po zess')
Iowa (I' o wah)precedence (pre see' dens)**
irrevocable (ir rev' o ka bl)**preface (pref' iss)
Italian (Itt al' yun)preferable (pref' er a bl)
italics (ih tal' iks)prescription (pre scrip' shun)
judiciary (joo dish' a ree)presentation (prez en tay' shun)
just (as written; NOT jest)radiator (ray' dee ay tor)
knew (nyu)radio (ray' dee o)
lapel (la pel')rambling (as written; NOT ram' bol ing)
large (larj; No d sound) 
latent (lay' tent)realm (as written; NOT rellum)
length (pronounce the g; NOT lenth)recognize (rek' og nyz)
library (as written; NOT ly' bay ree)recourse (ree' cors)
Lieu (lyu)refutable (re fyut' a bl)
lightning (lyt' ning; NOT lyt' en ning)reputable (rep' yut a bl)
 research (re serch')
Long-lived (long' lyvd')**resources (ree sors' ez)
longevity (lon jev' i tee)respite (res' pit)**
luxury (luk' shu ree; NOT lug' shu ree)**revocable (rev' o ka bl)**
 robust (ro bust')*'
lyceum (ly see' um)romance (ro mans')
manufacture (manyu fakt' chyur)Roosevelt (Ro' za velt; NEVER Roose' a velt)**
maturity (ma tyu' rit tee) 
memorable (mem' uh ra bl)route (root)
mischievous (miss' cha vuss)**sagacious (sa gay' shuss)
municipal (myu niss' i pul)schism (si' zem)
museum (myu zee' um)simultaneous (sy mul tay' nee uss)
New (nyu)short-lived (short' lyvde')**
slippery (as written; NOT slip' ree)tribune (trib' yun)
solace (sol' uss)**tube (tyub)
solder (sod' er)Tuesday (tyuz' day)**
sphere (sfeer)**tumult (tyu' mult)
status (stay' tuss)*umbrella (as written; NOT um ba rel' lah)**
strictly (as written; NOT strick' li) 
subpoena (sup pee' na)usurp (yu serp')
subtle (sut' tl)Utica (yu' tik a)
suit (sute)vagary (va gair' ee)**
superfluous (soo per' floo uss)vehement (vee' a ment)**
surprise (ser pryz')vehicle (vee' ih kel)**
telegrapher (tell egg' ra fer)verbose (ver bowss')
temperament (as written; NOT tem' per ment)**was (wahz)
 water (wa' ter)**
tenet (ten' ett)what (hwot; NOT wot)**
theater (thee' a ter)**wheel (hweel; NOT weel)**
tract (as written; NOT track)**whether (hweth' er)**
trembling (as written; NOT trem' boling)white (hwyt)**
 wrestle (res' l)
tremendous (tre men' dus) 



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