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Chapter 21. Multimedia and Presentation ... > Moving Through Slides in Slide View - Pg. 256

Multimedia and Presentation Software 256 In the Slide Show View, the screen will change radically to show only the slide. This is the view you use to present your presentation if you are going to do so on a computer screen or computer pro- jector. In this view, since there are no toolbars or menus available, you primarily use keys to operate the show. For example, use the SPACEBAR to move to the next slide. After reaching the final slide in a presentation, the program exits from Slide Show, and the screen returns to the view you had before running the slide show. Getting Help in PowerPoint The primary help feature of PowerPoint is the Office Assistant, which is designed to suggest Help topics based on your current activity as well as provide answers to your specific questions. The Office Assistant displays possible help topics based on your search criteria. Sometimes the Office Assistant will appear with a light bulb on it. This is to let you know that the Office Assistant has a tip relating to your current action. To see the tip, just click on the light bulb. Another way to access help is through PowerPoint's Help Menu, which conforms with the standards for most Microsoft Windows software. There are several navigational and control functions that can help you better use the help program. If you need help on a certain screen feature, such as a button, the status bar, or the ruler, you can click on the What's This? button. It will activate the Help pointer. Then, point to the item in question, and click on it. Moving Through Slides in Slide View When you are in Slide View (where you'll likely be most of the time), you can move through the